Structured Deposit Products

Structured deposits are savings accounts where the return is based on the performance of an index.

Normally if the index is higher than it’s starting level on the maturity date you will receive an interest payment. If the index has dropped or stayed the same you would not receive any interest. Your original investment would be returned in full.

Structured deposit products are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. If the financial institution you have invested with is unable to repay your investment (goes bankrupt or similar) you are entitled to claim £85,000 per person per bank.

It is very important to fully understand your chosen product. Please go to the products page and read the full brochure before investing.  See our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

We also offer a range of Structured Investment Products that do not guarantee the return of your capital. Potential returns are higher than Structured Deposits due to the additional risk.

0.5% fee on all products

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Arcus Structured Product Logo
Plan nameClosing dateCounterpartyTaxationMaximum term
6Y US Defensive Step Down Kick Out Deposit Plan - BB0729/09/2023Barclays Bank plcIncome6 years
5Y UK Kickout Deposit Plan - SG0806/10/2023Barclays Bank plcSociete Generale5 years
Plan nameClosing dateCounterpartyTaxationMaximum Term
S&P 500 Memory Income Deposit Plan06/10/2023Societe GeneraleIncome5 years
iDAD Structured Products
Plan nameClosing DateCounterpartyTaxationMaximum Term
iDAD Inflation Linked Deposit Plan - Issue 421/09/2023Barclays Bank plcIncome3 years 2 weeks
UK & Europe Deposit Kick Out Plan - Issue 822/09/2023Barclays Bank plcIncome6 years 2 weeks
Mariana Structured Products Logo
Plan nameClosing dateCounterpartyTaxationMaximum term
FTSE 100 Deposit Kick Out Plan22/09/2023Goldman SachsIncome6 years 1 week
MB Structured Product Logo
Plan nameClosing dateCounterpartyTaxationMaximum Term
UK 4Y Fixed Annual Income Deposit Plan - 777922/09/2023Barclays Bank PlcIncome4 years 3 weeks
UK 4Y Fixed Monthly Income Deposit Plan - 778022/09/2023Barclays Bank PlcIncome4 years 3 weeks