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For most people conventional annuities are still the first choice to provide an income during retirement.

The savings in your pension will be used to buy an annuity that in most cases will pay you a fixed income for the rest of your life. Once you have purchased your annuity, the choices you have made are generally irreversible.

Many people accept the annuity that is offered by their pension provider without shopping around. Our experience shows that the best annuity can often pay up to 30% more per month than the worst so in this case it really does pay to shop around.

Moneyworld is committed to helping you get the best annuity rate. We will research rates from all the leading annuity providers. We will also reduce the normal commission paid by over 50% to enhance your annuity and never charge any additional fees.

With enhancements available for lifestyle choices and medical conditions it costs nothing to complete our enquiry form below and see if we could improve your retirement income.

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