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30 year old non-smoker £5.81 £8.26 £8.10 £9.03 £8.20
30 year old smoker £10.29 £14.52 £14.52 £15.54 £14.40
2x 45 year old non-smokers £35.52 £49.11 £49.11 £53.33 £52.36

Monthly premiums for £250,000 level term insurance over 25 years.
Assumes person is in good health. Correct at 24th April 2024.

What is life insurance?

The most straightforward type of life insurance pays out a chosen amount of money if the person insured dies. Cover is often taken out to provide for loved ones or to pay off a mortgage in the event of death. You’ll need to decide how much cover you would like and how long you’d like the policy to run for.

How does life insurance work?

You choose how much cover you want and how many years you want cover for. You’ll pay a monthly premium to the life insurance company for as long as you keep your policy. If you die during the life of your policy, the amount of cover you’ve chosen will be paid out by the insurer.

Life insurance FAQs

It really depends on your circumstances. An average single person with no dependants probably doesn’t. The main earner in a family with children almost certainly does! It’s not a nice subject but imagine how your loved ones would cope financially if you weren’t around

Our most common question by far. The answer is that it depends entirely on your circumstances. A couple purchasing their first property together on a tight budget might want just enough cover to pay off the mortgage if one of them were to die. Another couple, with a larger mortgage and two children, may want enough cover to pay off the mortgage, cover the costs involved in raising children and provide for their surviving spouse/partner.

Life insurance policies can pay big commissions to the broker/comparison site. If the broker keeps this commission it makes your premium more expensive. We sacrifice the commission and just charge £25. That’s why your premiums are cheaper with us.

Strange as it may seem this is often the most expensive way to buy life insurance. The commission that would normally be paid to a broker is kept in full by the insurance company.

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