Life Insurance FAQs

Straight forward answers to popular questions

What is Life Insurance?

The most straight forward type of life insurance pays out a chosen amount of money if the person insured dies. Cover is often taken out to provide for loved ones or to pay off a mortgage in the event of death.

Do I need life insurance?

It really depends on your circumstances. An average single person with no dependants probably doesn’t. The main earner in a family with children definitely does! It’s not a nice subject but imagine how your loved ones would cope financially if you weren’t around.

How much cover do I need?

Our most common question by far. The answer is that it depends entirely on your circumstances. A couple purchasing their first property together on a tight budget might want a policy just to pay off the mortgage if one of them were to die. Another couple with a larger mortgage and perhaps two children may want to provide cover to pay off the mortgage, cover the costs involved in raising children and provide for their surviving spouse/partner.

I'm not at work. Can I still get life insurance?

Yes absolutely. You can still take out life insurance without any restrictions even if you’re not at work. If you were applying for a particularly large amount of cover an insurer might ask the reason behind the level of cover. This applies whether you’re working or not.

What is the difference between your fee and no-fee policies?

Choose our fee option, pay a one off £25 and get the cheapest possible premium. If you choose our no-fee option we will sacrifice most of the commission and you will not pay a fee.

Why are your premiums lower than other comparison websites?

Life insurance policies can pay big commissions to the broker/comparison site. If the broker keeps this commission it makes your premium more expensive.

Can't I get a cheaper premium by applying directly with the provider?

If you apply directly with a provider they will not sacrifice any of the commission. Strange as it may seem this is often the most expensive way to buy life insurance.

Are your policies the same as those purchased directly from the provider?

Yes exactly the same. In fact policies are the same whether purchased direct, from a financial adviser or from a broker like us.

When will my policy start?

This depends on the details you give us when you apply. If your application is accepted immediately you can start your policy straight away or at any time in the next 30 days. If an insurer requires more information about a medical condition they may write to your GP and this can cause a delay. GP’s take an average of two weeks to reply to an insurance company’s request. Any requests of this nature are carried out at no expense to you.

Can I put my policy in trust? What does this mean?

Yes you can put any life insurance policy in trust at no additional cost. To find out more about this valuable option please head over to our trusts section.

What happens if my application is declined or my premium is increased?

Sometimes an application cannot be accepted on standard terms by the insurer. This can be due to many factors including health or lifestyle reasons. We will offer a full refund of your fee or you can apply with another insurer. If this subsequent application is also unsuccessful your fee will still be refunded.

What happens if I stop paying my premiums?

If you do not pay your premiums the policy will lapse and you will not be covered. If you accidently cancel your direct debit or change your bank account your cover won’t be cancelled immediately. You will be contacted for your new bank details and your policy will remain in place.

Can I increase my cover or change the term of a policy after it has started?

In most cases you cannot make changes to a policy once it has started. Some insurers let you increase your cover after a specific event. For example if you moved to a new house with a larger mortgage they might be able to take this into account and increase your cover. If you want to make a change to your policy and you’re not sure if you can please contact us.

Do you give advice?

Moneyworld aren’t able to provide you with financial advice, however we’re now working in partnership with Vita, an independent whole of market insurance broker that are able to offer this service. Vita shares our values, there’s no hard sell, no pushy sales people, just fair and honest advice tailored to your circumstances.

If you’d like advice on any aspect of your life insurance please visit our advice page and complete the call back request form or call the number provided to speak to an adviser.

Tax rules for life insurance claims

Under current tax rules, pay-outs for critical illness, terminal illness and death claims are usually free of personal liability to pay income tax and capital gains tax. However, in some circumstances your pay-out may be subject to inheritance tax. You can normally help avoid this by putting your plan in trust. Bear in mind that the law relating to tax may change in the future.

Is my policy protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme?

Yes it is. Regardless of which insurer you choose your cover is protected by the governments compensation scheme. For full details of the FSCS scheme please see our terms & conditions.