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The Meteor FTSE® Daily 90 Kick Out Plan is a maximum 7 year 3 week investment that offers potential gross investment returns subject to the performance of the FTSE 100 index.

You will lose money if the Final Level of the Index is below 65% of its Opening Level. The amount of your money that you would lose will be the percentage by which the Final Level of the Index is below its Opening Level. In extreme circumstances you could lose all of your money. If the Final Level of the Index is at least equal to 65% of its Opening Level you will get back the amount you invested.

If the Closing Level of the Index on 30 March 2027 or any subsequent Business Day before the Final Measurement Date is at least or above 90% of its Start Level the Plan will kick out, i.e. mature early, and make a gross investment return based on how long the Plan has been in force. The investment return will equal the number of days since the Start Date divided by 365 and multiplied by 7%.

The Securities purchased will be Certificates issued by BNP Paribas Issuance B.V.  and guaranteed by BNP Paribas. The Securities can be viewed in a similar way to a  loan to the Issuer and are linked to the performance of Preference Shares issued by  BNP Paribas Synergy Limited, which is in turn linked to the performance of the Index.

Other Key Information

This product is a certificate, a transferable debt instrument.

BNP Paribas S.A. – Call +33 (0)1 57 08 22 00 for more information

This certificate provides a return which depends on the performance over the lifetime  of the certificate of an underlying redeemable preference share issued by BNP Paribas Synergy Limited the value of which is in turn linked to the performance of an  underlying share and/or index or basket of shares and/or indices. The description  below is therefore based on the expected value of such preference share however the  real return will depend on the actual value of the preference share.

The objective of this product is to provide you with a return based on the performance  of an underlying index. This product has a fixed term and will redeem on the  Redemption Date unless redeemed early in accordance with the Automatic Early  Redemption provisions below.

Unless the product has been redeemed early, the following provisions would apply.

On the Redemption Date you will receive in respect of each certificate:

1. If the Final Reference Price is greater than or equal to 90% of the Initial Reference  Price: a payment in cash equal to the Notional Amount plus the relevant Exit Rate.

2. If the Final Reference Price is less than 90% of the Initial Reference Price:

a. If a Barrier Event has not occurred: a payment in cash equal to the Notional Amount.

b. If a Barrier Event has occurred: a payment in cash equal to the Notional Amount decreased by the Performance of the Underlying. In this case you will suffer a partial  or total loss of the Notional Amount.

Automatic Early Redemption: If, on any Autocall Valuation Date, the closing price of  the Underlying is greater than or equal to the relevant Autocall Barrier, the product will  be redeemed on the corresponding Early Redemption Date. You will receive for each certificate a payment in cash equal to the Notional Amount plus a premium based on  the relevant Exit Rate.


– A Barrier Event shall be deemed to occur if the Final Reference Price is below the  Barrier.

– The Performance of an Underlying is the difference between its Final Reference Price  and its Initial Reference Price, divided by its Initial Reference Price, expressed in  absolute value.

– The Initial Reference Price is the closing price of the Underlying on the Strike Date.

– The Final Reference Price is the closing price of the Underlying on the Redemption  Valuation Date.

The product terms provide that if certain exceptional events occur (1) adjustments may be made to the product and/or (2) the Issuer of the product may terminate the product  early. These events are specified in the product terms and principally relate to the  Underlying(s), the product and the Issuer of the product. The return (if any) you receive on such early termination is likely to be different from the scenarios described above  and may be less than the amount you invested.

All redemptions described in this document (including potential gains) are calculated  on the basis of the Notional Amount, excluding costs, social contributions and taxation applicable to this type of investment.

The product is aimed at investors who:

– have a long term investment horizon (over five years).

– seek to invest in a capital growth product, potentially to diversify their portfolio.

– are able to bear losses up to the total of the Notional Amount and are aware of the  possible early termination of the product.

– have been informed or have sufficient knowledge of the financial markets, their functioning and their risks, and the asset class of the underlying.

To gain a full understanding of this Plan it is important that you read the brochure carefully, including the product risks and terms and conditions. If you are unsure about any aspect of this investment product, please seek financial advice to ensure the Plan suits your requirements and overall investment planning.

Moneyworld does not offer investment advice. The information in this brochure does not constitute tax, legal or investment advice. Please read our terms of business before investing

How do I invest?

Print and complete our Appropriateness Assessment Form

Please read about ID Verification & Payment Details

Print and complete the application

Scan and email all documents to or post to – Moneyworld, 34 High Street, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 2AG

Application Fee

Our fee is just 0.5%. This can be deducted from the investment or paid by enclosing a cheque to Moneyworld.

Important Plan Dates

Closing Date: 25 March 2024

ISA Transfer closing date: 11 March 2024

Important Documents

> Plan Brochure – FTSE Daily 90 Kick Out Plan – March 2024

> Terms & Conditions

> Key Information Document

> Order brochure by post

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Is the Meteor FTSE Daily 90 Kick Out Plan right for me?

A typical investor who invests in this Plan will:

Be either an Informed or Advanced Investor, with appropriate knowledge and experience of equity-based investments;

Like investments that provide known returns based on pre-determined market outcomes;

Want the potential to secure an investment return above that available from a deposit-based investment and acknowledge and accept the level of risk, identified by the Summary Risk Indicator set out in the Key Information Document (KID);

Be willing and able to tie up their money for the term of the Plan for the objective of capital growth;

Accept that they could lose money and be able to afford to do so;

Understand that in the event of a loss that this loss would be at least 35% of the money they put into the Plan, and could be considerably more, and in extreme circumstances they could lose all of their money;

Understand that any investment return is dependent on the performance of the Index, which is calculated on set dates, and accept they might not get any investment return at all;

Know that the level of the Index can fall but do not expect the fall to be more than 35% of its Opening Level at the Final Measurement Date;

Appreciate the importance of having a spread of investments to reduce concentration risk;

Know and accept that inflation reduces the real value of money and what it can buy;

Understand that equity markets are affected by economic and political events nationally and globally;

Accept that if the Counterparty defaults they could lose all their money and any investment return and that they would not have any recourse to the FSCS.