Augere Dual Index Quarterly Conditonal Income Plan February 2019 

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The Augere Dual Index Quarterly Conditional Income Plan is a maximum 8 year plan that offers potential quarterly income of 1.875%, subject to the performance of the FTSE 100 and the Russell 2000 Indices. The plan can mature early (Kick-Out) from the end of year 2 onwards.


A maximum eight year investment

Underlying asset

FTSE 100 Index and S&P 500 (the ‘Indices’)


Issued by Credit Suisse AG (A rated by S&P, A1 by Moody’s and A by Fitch, December 2018).

Potential Returns from this investment

This investment could pay a quarterly income of 1.875% of your initial investment. This will only be received if the underlying indices, in this case the FTSE 100 and S&P 500,  close at or above 75% of their starting levels on the quarterly observation dates. If this  condition is not met, you will not receive an income for that quarter.

This investment could end early from the end of year 2 and quarterly thereafter. This will  occur if the worst performing index closes at or above 105% of its starting level on the kick out observation dates.

What happens at maturity

If your investment has not kicked out before maturity, there are three possible outcomes at market close on the maturity date:

> If the worst performing index is at or above 75% of its starting level, you will receive  your initial invested capital plus a final income payment of 1.875%.

> If the worst performing index is below 75% of its starting level but has not fallen below  60% of its starting level, you will receive your initial invested capital but no final income  payment

> If the worst performing index has fallen below 60% of its starting level, you will lose a  proportion of your capital equal to the percentage fall in the worst performing index. As an example, if the worst performing index has fallen 70% from its starting level – you will lose 70% of your initial capital.

How can I hold this?

Direct, Stocks & Shares ISA (existing,new or transfer in), SIPPs, SSAS,Corporate, Charities and Trusts

Other Key Information

English law governed notes

Credit Suisse International ( The product issuer is Credit Suisse AG, acting through its London Branch.

The product is designed to provide a return in the form of (1) conditional interest  payments and (2) a cash payment on termination of the product. The timing and amount  of these payments will depend on the performance of the underlyings. The product has a  fixed term and will terminate on the maturity date, unless terminated early. If, at maturity,  the worst performing underlying has fallen below its barrier level, the product may return  less than the product notional amount or even zero.

Early termination following an autocall: The product will terminate prior to the maturity  date if, on any autocall observation date, the reference level of the worst performing  underlying is at or above its autocall barrier level. On any such early termination, you will  on the immediately following autocall payment date receive, in addition to any final  interest payment, a cash payment equal to the autocall payment of GBP 1. No interest  payments will be made on any date after such autocall payment date. The relevant dates  are shown in the Key Information Document.

Interest: If the product has not terminated early, on each interest payment date you will  receive an interest payment of GBP 0.01875 if the reference level of the worst performing  underlying is at or above its interest barrier level on the immediately preceding interest  observation date. If this condition is not met, you will receive no interest payment on such  interest payment date.

Termination on the maturity date: If the product has not terminated early, on the  maturity date, you will receive:

1. if the final reference level of the worst performing underlying is at or above its barrier  level, a cash payment equal to GBP 1; or

2. if the final reference level of the worst performing underlying is below its barrier level, a  cash payment directly linked to the performance of the worst performing underlying. The  cash payment will equal (i) the product notional amount multiplied by (ii) (A) the final  reference level of the worst performing underlying divided by (B) its strike level.

Under the product terms, certain dates specified above and below will be adjusted if the  respective date is either not a business day or not a trading day (as applicable). Any  adjustments may affect the return, if any, you receive.

The product terms also provide that if certain exceptional events occur (1) adjustments  may be made to the product and/or (2) the product issuer may terminate the product early.  These events are specified in the product terms and principally relate to the  underlyings, the product and the product issuer. The return (if any) you receive on such  early termination is likely to be different from the scenarios described above and may be  less than the amount you invested.

When purchasing this product during its lifetime, the purchase price may include accrued  interest on a pro rata basis.

The product is intended to be offered to retail investors who fulfil all of the criteria below:

 they have the ability to make an informed investment decision through sufficient  knowledge and understanding of the product and its specific risks and rewards, with  experience of investing in and/or holding a number of similar products providing a similar  market exposure, either independently or through professional advice;

 they seek income, expect the movement in the underlying to perform in a way that  generates a favourable return, have an investment horizon of the recommended holding  period specified in the Key Information document and understand that the product may terminate early;

 they accept the risk that the issuer could fail to pay or perform its obligations under the  product and they are able to bear a total loss of their investment; and

 they are willing to accept a level of risk to achieve potential returns that is consistent with  the summary risk indicator shown in the Key Information document.

The product is not intended to be offered to retail clients who do not fulfil these criteria. Please ensure you have read and understood the important documents contained on this page before investing.

To gain a full understanding of this Plan it is important that you read the brochure carefully, including the product risks and terms and conditions. If you are unsure about any aspect of this investment product, please seek financial advice to ensure the Plan suits your requirements and overall investment planning.

Moneyworld does not offer investment advice. The information in this brochure does not constitute tax, legal or investment advice. Please read our terms and conditions before investing

Application Fee

Our fee is just 0.5%. This can be deducted from the investment or paid by enclosing a cheque to Moneyworld.

Important Plan Dates

Closing Date: 13 February 2019

ISA Transfer closing date: 01 February 2019

Important Documents

> Plan Brochure – Dual Index Quarterly Conditional Income Plan February 2019

> Key Information Document

> Direct/ISA Application Form

> ISA Transfer Authority Form (ISA Application above must also be completed)

> Appropriateness Questionnaire
(Please complete and return with your application form)

> Order brochure by post

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How do I invest?

Please print and complete your application form together with our appropriateness questionnaire. Please send your completed forms to us at Moneyworld, 34 High Street, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 2AG.

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Is the Augere Dual Index Quarterly Conditional Income Plan right for me?

The kind of investor that this product has been designed for is as follows:

 Type of clients: retail investors who have the ability to make an informed decision  through sufficient knowledge and understanding of the product and its specific risks  and rewards, with experience of investing in and/or holding a number of similar  products providing a similar market exposure, either independently or with professional advice

 Investors who are seeking potential income on a quarterly basis

 Investors will be willing and able to have their capital invested for 8 years

 Investors will expect the FTSE 100 and S&P 500 to close at or above 75% of their  starting levels on the quarterly observation dates

 Investors will be able to bear a 100% capital loss

 Investors, with or without the aid of a regulated financial adviser, will ensure the  product is suitable.

♦ They will also have knowledge and experience in:

– Direct investment in structured and other capital at risk products

– Understanding of what factors drive the underlying indices, in this case the FTSE 100 and S&P 500, and how movement in these indices impacts the value of the investment

– Understanding the benefits and consequences of the barrier feature of this  investment

– Understanding counterparty bank risk, in this case the risk that Credit Suisse AG  defaults at any point during the investment term, and how this would impact any  potential return from this investment

 Investors will have a well-diversified portfolio. This investment will be one component of this portfolio

 Investors will be happy with the long-term health of Credit Suisse AG. They will not  expect them to default at any point during the investment term

 Investors will realise it is not guaranteed that this investment will return an income.