Here we’ll show you the difference between our premiums and some other well known comparison sites.  

Most people’s first stop for any type of insurance is a big comparison website. Here we’ll show you how much you can save by using us for your life insurance.

We are very proud to be featured on MoneySavingExpert, Express, This is Money and Candid Money. We’ll keep working hard to make sure our premiums remain the lowest in the UK.

We’ve gone one step further and now guarantee our premiums cannot be beaten. The quote would have to be like for like and on the same day (insurer rates change regularly). If you’ve found a cheaper premium please get in touch, we love a challenge.

We check our prices against a huge number of life insurance brokers, comparison websites and the providers themselves. Here is a selection of the most well known.

Premium comparison for £200,000, level term insurance over 20 years. Assumes the person applying is in good health.

 MoneyworldMoneySupermarketCompare the MarketGo CompareConfused
Female 30 smoker£9.29£12.29£12.56£12.33£11.64
Male 30
Female 45
Male 45
Joint 2x 35

Figures are correct as at 20 December 2016. We update this list at least every 3 months.

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