Canada Life CanInvest Select Account

The Canada Life CanInvest Select Account is designed for someone looking to invest a sum of money over the medium to long term (five years or more). It provides the opportunity to link the performance of the Account to a fund or range of funds available.

The Account is also flexible enough to provide you with regular or one-off withdrawals to support your existing income or other financial planning needs.

It’s aims

  • To increase the value of the money you invest.
  • To allow you to take money out of the account either as a one-off payment or as regular withdrawals.
  • To allow you to invest in a fund or range of funds to meet your investment needs.

Your commitment

  • To invest at least £5000.
  • The account is to be a medium to long-term investment although you are able to surrender it at any time without penalty.

Risk factors

  • The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount you invested when you cash-in/surrender the Account. How any of the funds have performed in the past is not a guide for how the funds you have invested in will perform in the future.
  • What you get back is not guaranteed. It may be less than the amount shown in your Personal Example (for instance) if investment growth is lower, if you take money out of the Account or if our charges increase.
  • If you decide to withdraw amounts from the Account that are greater than the growth in the funds you have chosen to invest in, the value of your Account will go down and there may be less than the amount you have invested.
  • Your circumstances may change in the future and you might need to cash-in the Account sooner than you expected.
  • Some of the funds have higher risks and may invest, for example, in emerging markets which may make your investment more risky. Currency fluctuations can also affect how funds perform. For a full list of the funds available please contact your professional adviser.
  • If you invest in the property fund or any fund which holds property, Canada Life have the right to delay switching any amounts out of the fund or paying claims (except death claims) for up to six months if they think this is necessary to protect their other policyholders’ interests.
  • On a day you value or cash-in all or part of your Account, more money may be moving out of the funds than into them. In this instance for each fund in which you invest, the value of the whole fund may reduce to allow for the estimated costs of selling the underlying assets.

To gain a full understanding of this product it is important that you read the Key Facts document carefully, including any Terms and Conditions. If you are unsure about anything, please seek financial advice to ensure this suits your requirements and overall investment planning. Remember, the information in this Key Facts document does not constitute tax, legal or investment advice and Moneyworld has given you no advice. Please read our terms of business before proceeding.

Application Fee

Our fee is just 0.5%. Please send a separate cheque with your application payable to Moneyworld.

Product Brochures

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Application Form

> CanInvest Application Form

How do I Invest?

Please print and complete your application form. Please send your completed forms together with your investment cheque and our fee cheque to us at Moneyworld, 34 High Street, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 2AG.

What happens next?

We will process your application as soon as it arrives and send you an e-mail to confirm receipt. Within 5-7 working days you will receive your policy documents with full details of your investment.