Aviva Select Investment Bond

What is the Select Investment bond from Aviva?

It’s an investment bond which gives you the potential to benefit from stock market growth.

It lets you invest a lump sum in up to 10 different funds from a wide range of investment options.

It’s designed for long-term investment.

What are the benefits?

Growth potential – By investing your money over the longer term, you have the potential for greater growth.

Guarantees – We offer a range of funds which include a reassuring guarantee. Depending on which fund you choose, you’ll get up to 100% of your initial investment in the fund back at your selected anniversary date.

Flexibility – You can invest for income, growth or a combination of both.
You can take regular or one-off withdrawals and move money from fund to fund in line with your investment objectives. You can also leave your money in the bond for as long as you need to meet your investment aims because there’s no fixed end date.

Expertise – You have access to a wide range of investment funds, all managed
by professional fund managers.

Tax planning – By putting the bond in a trust, you could help to minimise any inheritance tax liability. As this might mean you have no access to the money in future, you should seek professional advice before doing so.

Yearly updates – You’ll get an easy to follow statement every year to let you know exactly how your investment is performing.

What are the risks?

The value of your investment can go down as well as up any income you get can vary.

Unless you have invested in a fund with a 100% money-back guarantee, you may not get back what you invested. The amount you’ll get back depends on how long you invest for, the performance of the funds you choose and Aviva’s charges any money you take out.

To gain a full understanding of this product it is important that you read the Key Facts document carefully, including any Terms and Conditions. If you are unsure about anything, please seek financial advice to ensure this suits your requirements and overall investment planning. Remember, the information in this Key Facts document does not constitute tax, legal or investment advice and Moneyworld has given you no advice. Please read our terms of business before proceeding.

Application Fee

Our fee is just 0.5%. Please send a separate cheque with your application payable to Moneyworld.

Product Brochures

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Application Form

> Select Investment Application Form

How do I invest?

Please print and complete your application form. Please send your completed forms together with your investment cheque and our fee cheque to us at Moneyworld, 34 High Street, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP11 2AG.

What happens next?

We will process your application as soon as it arrives and send you an e-mail to confirm receipt. Within 5-7 working days you will receive your policy documents with full details of your investment.

Is this investment right for me?

Select Investment could be suitable if you:

 have at least £10,000 to invest over the long term and have used up your ISA allowance for this year

 are a basic or higher rate income tax payer

 are prepared to accept some risk

Select Investment might not be suitable if you:

 haven’t got access to enough spare cash in the case of an emergency

 don’t want to take any risks with your money

 don’t pay income tax

 need to clear debts

 would prefer the certainty of the interest earned from a bank or building society savings account

 want to be able to make regular payments into an investment fund