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Our Fund Supermarket fees

We want to offer a transparent charging structure with no hidden fees or commissions.

By using the Moneyworld Fund Supermarket you will benefit from:

  • No initial charges on any funds*
  • No switching fees
  • No exit fees

All new investments will be in unbundled funds (also known as clean funds) and subject to the following charges:

  1. The fund manager charge (often referred to as the AMC). Most fund charges are 0.75% but they can vary from 0.10% to 0.85%
  2. A platform service charge of 0.25%
  3. An annual investor fee of £45 for Fidelity Funds Network
  4. Our on-going fee of 0.5%

What is the difference between bundled and unbundled funds?

Bundled funds

The annual management charge (AMC) includes all of the relevant charges rather than being broken down into three parts as per an unbundled fund. Most funds have an AMC of 1.5% which can be broken down like this:

  • 0.75% fund manager charge
  • 0.25 fund platform charge
  • 0.5% trail commission paid to the arranging broker

Bundled funds are no longer available for new investments and existing clients will be converted into unbundled funds later in 2015.

Unbundled funds

Also known as clean funds and the default investment option on our Fund Supermarket. All charges are shown separately rather than as an overall AMC. Most funds will look like this although the fund manager charge can vary:

  • 0.75% fund manager charge
  • 0.25% fund platform charge
  • 0.5% our on-going fee