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Welcome to the Moneyworld Fund Supermarket

The Moneyworld Fund Supermarket is a quick and easy way to invest in a large range of funds and fund providers.

Our service is for investors who do not require financial advice and are happy selecting their own funds.

Benefits of our Fund Supermarket

  • No initial set up fees. No switching charges or exit charges.
  • Invest and manage your account online. View account details, switch funds, top-up and view balances.
  • Huge fund choice – Over 2500 funds from more than 85 providers
  • Research and see performance data on your chosen funds
  • Invest £20,000 tax free in your ISA allowance for 2017/18.
  • Flexibility for your ISA. Select more than one fund and include funds from more than one provider.

Simple charging structure

  1. The fund manager charge – Usually 0.75% but varies between 0.07% and 0.85%
  2. Fidelity FundsNetwork platform charge at 0.25%
  3. Our ongoing fee of 0.5%

How do I invest?

  1. Start by researching and selecting your funds. Once you have chosen please read your Fund Specific Information and/or Key Investor Information Document. This link will take you the Fidelity website where you will need to follow the instructions to find your fund specific Key Investor Information Document.
  2. Please ensure you have read and understood the Doing Business with Fidelity FundsNetwork and Fidelity Client Terms documents.
  3. Click invest now to begin.

Move funds to our Fund Supermarket

Consolidate your investments by moving them to our Fund Supermarket.

Our Fund Supermarket fees

An easy to understand charging structure with no hidden commissions.