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Since 1999 we have been helping our customers arrange insurance and investments. We've cut the commissions, reduced the fees and got rid of the confusing jargon.

We don't have expensive adverts or a cute mascot. We've always relied on word of mouth recommendations and independent journalism to tell our story.

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Personal Insurance

Protect yourself and your family with life insurance and income protection. We believe if you're making your own decisions you shouldn't be paying prices inflated by big commissions. Get a quote and see how much cheaper we are.

Life Insurance

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The home of the lowest life insurance premiums in the UK. Compare policies from all the leading providers and apply online for instant cover. We guarantee you won’t find a cheaper like for like quote.

Income Protection

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If you have an accident or illness and are unable to work income protection can provide financial security when you need it most. Get your quote from us and find the cheapest price from the top providers.

Savings & Investments

Avoid paying big arrangement fees on your investments. Other brokers charge up to 3%. We charge just 0.5%.

Structured Investments

Structured Products

A popular range of investments that aim to offer a specific return. Performance is normally linked to a single index (i.e. FTSE 100) or multiple indices. Avoid expensive arrangement fees, ours is just 0.5%.

Structured Deposits

Structured deposits are linked to the performance of an index (often the FTSE 100). Returns up to 6% per annum are available. The minimum you would receive at maturity is your original deposit.


Our research shows many people still accept the Annuity offered by their pension provider. Let us help you compare rates from leading providers and get up to 30% more income from your pension savings.

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A recent report by the Financial Services Consumer Panel rated us number 1 broker for annuities. Get your report now and let us compare all the leading annuity providers for you.

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We’ve all done it. Some of us do it every day. And most of us wish we could do less of it. We’re talking about…procrastination.

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Why you don't need life insurance

It often seems like you can barely get through the day without one company or another screaming about the ‘fact’ that you desperately need to buy their ‘stuff’.

Trust us, we know how annoying that gets, which is why we like to be honest about whether or not you actually need our products.